Chin-up Bar Review

One essential tool to have for your P90X workouts is a pull-up/chin-up bar.  Without a chin-up bar, it will be difficult to do your back workouts.

There are a variety of chin-up bars available on the market.  I would recommend a chin-up bar that fits in a door frame instead of a bar that required drilling holes into a door frame.

I am listing two of these door frame chin-up bars below.  Both of these are easy to put together and easily moved, as needed.

Golds Gym Chin-up Bar

The Golds Gym Chin-up Bar fits nicely in the door frame at home.

PullupBar1 150x150 Chin up Bar Review
Golds Gym Chin-up Bar

For about $20 – $25 at Wal-mart, this Chin-up bar is a very reasonable option for your home  gym.

As shown in the photo, you can also hang your exercise bands from the chin-up bar.  You can see my red band in the photo!  (This is great to technique to use for your back workouts and even some shoulder and triceps exercises!)




Beachbody Chin-up Bar Comparison

Beachbody’s Chin-up bar is a bit more expensive than the Golds Gym chin-up bar.

chinupbar 150x150 Chin up Bar Review
Beachbody Chin-up Bar

Beachbody’s is a better quality product with more features.

This chin-up bar offers you some more variety with your grips, which allows you to target different areas of your back during workouts.

This is a nice feature to have as you progress through your P90X workouts.




To purchase the Beachbody Chin-up bar, exercise bands or other tools for your home gym, please go to the Shop page from my Beachbody profile.

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What do you think?

Do you have a chin-up bar that you like better?  If so, please share your thoughts here or send me an email!


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